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7/1/2020 12:59:00 PM
This site contains our Return to Learn plan for the 2020-21 school year.

Staff Contact List

Office Staff

Mrs. Cindy Stock 

Mrs. Andi Dorr 

Ms. Stephanie Griffin
Student Support Liaison

Ms. Stephanie Lewis
Building Secretary 

Mrs. Char Adams
Health Secretary

Reading Specialists 

Mrs. Nicole Shaw 
Instructional Design Strategist

Mrs. Jackie McDermott 
Title 1 Teacher

Mrs. Peggy Morrow 


Mrs. Abbie Petsche

Ms. Jessie Fiser       

Pam Ostwinkle


Mrs. Lisa Johnson 

Mrs. Karen Pink     

Mrs. Jessica Egly 

Classroom Paraprofessionals

Mrs. Rebecca Barker  

Mrs. Linda Bullene        

Mrs. Jackie Bergquist  

Marlee Ellis

Ms. Wendy Kimm             

Ms. Brenda Monaghan   

Ms. Karen Saunders    

Mrs. Jeanne Tarkington

1st grade 

Mrs. Sara Carter       

Mrs. Rachel Rops     

Level 1 Teachers

Ms. Lisa Nagle

2nd Grade

Mrs. Stephanie Steele

Mr. Ryan Ross


Kristy Decker

3rd Grade

Mrs. Megan Goldensoph

Ms. Melissa Stanford     

Mr. Blake Brandt               

Media Center

Ms. Deb Roggow                        
Media Specialist

Mrs. Karen Kaiser                     
Media Secretary 

4th Grade

Mrs. Jennifer Kramer     

Miss Lauren Taylor          

Volunteer Coordinator

Mrs. Jackie Bergquis

5th Grade

Mrs. Tricia Weber           

Mrs. Annette Renaud 

Custodial Staff

Mr. Doug Thompson 
Building Engineer               

Mr. Michael Dusil

Specials Teachers

Mr. Ezekiel Keith PE              

Ms. Lisa Shaver PE                   

Food Service

Mrs. Traci Noethe 
Cafeteria Manager

Anita Hargens
Assistant Manager

Peggy Schultz
Cafeteria Staff

Five Seasons Learning Center

Amanda Brogan
On-Site Supervisor